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Fight on the front lines of the epidemic! LED display into the core window

Date : 2020-03-30 :  View  

        During the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden outbreak of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia spread rapidly across the country. The epidemic interrupted the Chinese traditional Spring Festival holiday and also had a huge impact on the Chinese economy. The nationwide fight against the epidemic situation has taken a number of prevention and control measures. Among them, the LED display industry has taken the lead and played a huge positive role in supporting the epidemic resistance, ensuring people's livelihood, and coordinating production. In this battle of epidemics, the large-screen command center is undoubtedly in the "most important" position. It is the brain of a smart city, a window for scientific decision-making and command, and an accelerator to improve the efficiency of operations under the epidemic and anti-epidemic wartime system. In many areas, the command and control center system has become a key node in "outbreak control."

       1.LED display helps smart transportation during the epidemic
       Up to now, 30 provinces across the country have announced the initiation of first-level responses to major public health emergencies and implemented the most stringent prevention and control measures. The most stringent traffic controls are also implemented throughout the country, such as suspending inter-provincial shuttle passenger traffic, comprehensively setting up cards at various passages across provincial boundaries, closing highway entrances and exits to and from Hubei Province, and so on. In addition to road closures and outages, the key to traffic control is to understand the status of the “traffic network” vehicle flow, people flow, and material flow in real time. At this time, the LED display screens of traffic command centers across the country became the key nodes for information gathering and became the core window for real-time command.
       Industry experts point out: "It is impossible to count how many large-screen command centers serve the epidemic prevention and control in the country. The only thing we know is that compared with the SARS period, the state's ability to perceive traffic in national governance is not what it used to be." The flowering in general has provided unprecedented "informatization and visualization" tools for this epidemic. It can be said that the advanced nature of the intelligent control of the epidemic is the result of the country's vigorous construction of smart transportation in the early stage. On the basis of intelligent transportation, it integrates high-tech IT technologies such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and mobile Internet. Collect traffic information and provide traffic information services under real-time traffic data. Smart transportation enables people, cars, and roads to cooperate closely to achieve harmonious unity and play a synergistic role, greatly improving transportation efficiency, ensuring traffic safety, improving the transportation environment, and increasing energy efficiency.
       Traffic dispatching and data monitoring have higher and higher requirements for clarity. Therefore, in the future, they will rely more on the help of small-pitch LED displays. Therefore, current LED displays will have a wider development space in the field of monitoring and dispatching. It is also an important force to promote the growth of the LED display application market size. The emergence of the small-pitch LED display in the command center is both a necessity of technological development and an active market choice for the company. It is also an instinct driven by the company's pursuit of capital efficiency and expansion. The field of indoor control dominated by the small-pitch will also be in 2020. The main battlefield for screen companies competing.
       2. The next stage of competition focuses on the service capabilities of screen enterprises.
       Although affected by the epidemic, it is an indisputable fact that the overall growth rate of the LED display market tends to slow down or even stagnate, but there is no need to slacken it. We must believe that this stagnation is only a temporary stagnation. Taking advantage of a "blank period", screen companies should make a comprehensive plan, especially screen companies focusing on the indoor control field of small-pitch LED displays, and they should see "dawn" in this crisis.
       From the external environment, the country ’s economic and industrial development has slowed with the epidemic, but technological innovation will not stop there. Some experts predict that 2020 will be the year of the outbreak of 5G and smart city construction. In the future, With the acceleration of 5G applications, the development of smart cities, and the prosperity of the consumer and service industries, it is expected that the small-pitch LED display market will maintain a high growth rate. However, we must also see that industry competition in the future will also "speed up". First of all, from the perspective of market size, the annual incremental level of small-pitch LED displays and the overall market inventory level are expanding, which poses new challenges to the "sinking of services" of enterprises, more development channels and integrator systems To build a "consumption-aware" network covering the whole country is an inevitable demand for head brands.
       From the perspective of application forms, diversification and intelligence are the key directions for market development. Facing the small-pitch LED indoor control market, screen companies need to provide differentiated supporting services and solution systems, and highly integrate with the currently high-speed development of intelligent technology, AI technology, and information technology service systems. This change actually requires the current LED Display companies must pay more attention to the comprehensive innovation capabilities of "from technology, products to system services and solutions." All in all, the core technology innovation, coupled with the speeding up of the enterprise system service capability competition, will constitute the core keywords of the LED indoor control market competition in 2020, and companies need to respond actively.
       In summary, the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection in 2020 has indeed brought a "significant blow" to the LED display industry in the country, but there was also a "Noah's Ark" in this flood, like a A seed of hope is sprouting. For the LED display industry, the application of LED displays in the epidemic-resistant command center is the same, and it continues to inject vitality and vitality into the front line of the industry. Nowadays, applications in the field of indoor control such as command centers have gradually blossomed throughout the country. What kind of excellent performance screen companies will have in this field is also very exciting.