+Indoor Rental LED series

  • K34 Series-Rental in

    Main Specification : P3.9 、P4.8
    1. High strength light & thin design , easily to assemble , fast
    2. Low temperature with silver welding te...

  • K33 Series -Indoor R

    Main Specification:P2.9、P3.9、P4.8、P5.9
    1、Standardized size, diversified assembly.
    2、Welding technology with silver and low temperature ,...

  • K32series-Indoor ren

    Main specifications:P2.9、P3.9、P4.8、P5.9
    1、High-strength thin appearance design, simple and fast assembling
    2、 low temperature silver we...

  • K31 Series-Indoor Re

    Main Specification: P4.0、P5.0、P6.0
    1、High cost performance.
    2、High performance circuit design, can provide the power and control the con...