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How will the US stock market melt down four times? How will it affect the LED display industry?

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       2020 is a year of "Long Live and See". It has witnessed historic events such as the continuous fire in Australia for several months, the outbreak of the epidemic has spread across the globe, the postponement of the Olympic Games, and 4 times of fusing in the US stock market within 10 days The impact of these events. As the world's largest economic entity, the US has repeatedly melted down for a short time, endangering the stability of the global financial system and attracting people's hearts, including many people with LED displays. So, will the four fuses of the US stocks affect the LED display industry as an industry?

       U.S. stock meltdown affects foreign exchange and affects foreign trade transactions

       The fuse mechanism of U.S. stocks refers to automatically stopping trading when the stock market rises or falls too fast, and then resume trading the next day to help the market restore calm. The recent U.S. stock market meltdown was due to the uncertainty of the U.S. epidemic situation, which impacted local consumption and employment conditions, causing the spread of panic, and the plunge in oil prices in the international market directly detonated the U.S. stock market, causing it to perform a four-time fuse protection mechanism in 10 days. To maintain the stability of US financial markets. People in the financial industry said that if the U.S. epidemic is unclear, the panic of the masses will always affect the U.S. stock market, so the impact of the circuit breaker event will be long-lasting and far-reaching. Due to the large number of openings of US stocks in a short period of time, it is easy to cause investors to decline in market confidence, destroy investment willingness, promote the "cash is king" mentality, and allow investors to strengthen their manipulation of cash. It may happen that investors reduce their investment in cash flows, such as LED displays, into slow-moving activities, or even withdraw, causing the US market to shrink further. In addition, in order to allow US stocks to rise, the United States introduced related policies to devalue the US dollar. However, as the world's universal currency, the depreciation of the US dollar is only good for the United States and is not conducive to foreign exchange exports in other countries and regions, which affects transactions between countries. Therefore, overseas transactions of LED displays will naturally be affected. To further close the foreign trade market of LED display.

       During the Spring Festival, due to the outbreak of the epidemic in China, the resumption of activities and projects in the LED display industry has been postponed, which has caused a setback in the LED display market in China. Insufficient domestic demand spreads outward, so many LED screen companies are looking overseas and seeking overseas markets to reduce the impact of the epidemic. However, when the epidemic prevention and control in China improved slightly, the overseas epidemic situation showed explosive growth. In order to avoid the spread of immunization, most countries strengthened international traffic control, which affected the logistics between countries. In addition, as of now, the number of confirmed diagnoses worldwide has exceeded 300,000 outside China. The situation in traditional large markets such as Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea is particularly severe. Most of the amusement activities such as opera houses and concerts have been suspended or cancelled, resulting in LED displays. The shrinking market has impacted LED screen companies' overseas market plans. The US stock market meltdown has impacted foreign exchange and investors ’willingness to invest, making international transactions more complicated, which has worsened the overseas market that was originally affected by the epidemic, cracking down on the momentum of Chinese screen companies to enter overseas, and causing Chinese screen companies to fall into At the dilemma.

       Domestic life is picking up, opening up the domestic market is the right path

       Although the U.S. stocks have been blown four times, there is no data to show that the U.S. blowouts have a greater impact on China's A-shares, and therefore have little effect on the confidence of Chinese investors. According to predictions from financial circles, even if the United States introduces relevant policies to save the stock market, the future of the US stock market is still uncertain. Therefore, investors who invest in the United States may reconsider the future investment direction, which may lead to some return of funds. At this time, the screen companies with cash flow problems can seize this opportunity and strive for these investors to invest in the company's funds to ease the embarrassing situation of tight cash flow.

       According to the announcement issued by the Hubei Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on the 24th, areas outside Hubei Province except Wuhan City will be deregulated from the Hubei Channel on March 25, and Wuhan City will be lifted from April 8. Han Li'e channel management measures. In addition, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic, various local governments have introduced various policies and initiatives to drive local consumption, activate the local market, and do a warm-up job for the recovery of the LED display market. The Shenzhen Municipal Government also announced before the end of March All major projects in the city will resume work and solid economic development, which can prove that starting from Shenzhen, the project projects around the country have begun to resume, and the LED display market has been gradually released, providing a project basis for the shipment of LED screen companies. A series of policies indicate that life in China is fully restored and the corresponding LED display market demand is gradually recovering. Delayed projects have begun and the LED display market is picking up. Today's overseas market is difficult to develop, LED screen companies should seize the opportunity quickly, increase the development of the domestic market, expand the distribution of market channels, increase the market penetration rate of enterprises, in order to obtain more scattered orders, and help the overall production and operation of enterprises Recover and get through this difficult time. It is not too late for foreign trade to resume in Japan when it comes to the overseas market.

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