Advertising media application solutions

  • Application solution introduction

            KEASY advertising media products are widely used in commercial real estate, stations, wharves, shopping malls, metro, hotels, entertainment, enterprises and other different indoor and outdoor advertising.
  • Application solution features

    ▶ LED low power consumption driving, the application of indoor and outdoor display automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment;

    ▶ High refresh rate, high gray scale, meet the requirement of commercial display for high visual impact;

    ▶ Using the PFC power supply, power supply is continuous and stable;

    ▶ Carrying out timing or remote control of switching power supply;

    ▶ Implement the network clustering control function, which can be controlled centrally or separately;

    ▶ Strengthen the heat dissipation and protection level of LED screen for different installation environments and areas.

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