K51Series- LED poster

1. Thin and light screen, front maintenance, high-end atmosphere design, fashionable and novel, flexible installation
2. Simple operation, everything is under control
3. More detailed color definition
4. Strong stability

  • 1. Light and thin screen body, front maintenance, the appearance design strives to present high-end atmosphere, fashionable and novel, flexible installation mode, can meet the installation needs of a variety of application scenarios.

    2. The system adopts zero setting design, simple and convenient operation, plug and play advertising, and remote monitoring and management through mobile phone APP, so that everything is under control. LED "mirror screen" can be arbitrarily spliced, so it compared with traditional LCD, DLP, the area is larger, the perspective is wider, so it is more eye-catching, visual impact is stronger.

    3. In the static state, the requirement for color and clarity is more obvious than that in the dynamic video state. The viewer watches it more carefully in the static state, and has superb skills in dealing with close ink and ripples.

    4. Stability, can let the static image control in a few seconds, there will not be fast when slow phenomenon. Also in the control management system, information release and other aspects of stability.

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