K9 Series-Outdoor DIP-Mesh LED Display

1:Highly displays steady current circuit design,easy to come ture high rate and high gray level.
2:Narrow PCB design, low wind resistance, high transparency, customized transparency.
3:Linear structure, customized curved display.
4:Customized cabinet structure according to window designp.
5:Easy installation and maintenance.
6:Cabinet reach IP67, power box reach IP65

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    Product series K91 Series K92 Series-Outdoor DIP-Mesh LED Display
    Product model K9115 K9220 K9225A K9225B K9231
    Pixel pitch 15.625mm 20mm 25mm 25-50mm 31.25mm
    Density 4096dots/M2 2500dots/M2 1600dots/M2 800dots/M2 1024dots/M2
    Module size 1000*10mm 960*17mm 1000*17mm 1000*17mm 1000*17mm
    Cabniet size(W x H) 1000*1000mm 960*320mm 1000*1000mm 1000*1000mm 1000*1000mm
    Cabinet density 64*64dot 48*16dot 40*40dot 40*20dot 32*32dot
    Cabinet weight 35 Kg/M2 15 Kg/M2 35 Kg/M2 35 Kg/M2 35 Kg/M2
    Material Aluminum   Aluminum  
    Pixel configuration DIP346 DIP346 DIP346 DIP346 DIP346
    Driving method Static Static Static Static Static
    Brightness ≥5500 Nit ≥5000 Nit ≥5000 Nit ≥4500 Nit ≥3500 Nit
    Grey scale 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit
    Refresh rate ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz
    Max power 850W/M2 800W/M2 750W/M2 650W/M2 650W/M2
    Ave power ≤340W/M2 ≤320W/M2 ≤300W/M2 ≤260W/M2 ≤260W/M2
    Transparent rate ≥30% ≥50% ≥60% ≥60% ≥65%
    MTBF ≥1000H ≥1000H ≥1000H ≥1000H ≥1000H
    Life span ≥80000H ≥80000H ≥80000H ≥80000H ≥80000H
    Voltage AC95-240V AC95-240V AC95-240V AC95-240V AC95-240V
    Working temperature -15~55℃ -15~55℃ -15~55℃ -15~55℃ -15~55℃
    Storage temperature -10~65℃ -10~65℃ -10~65℃ -10~65℃ -10~65℃
    IP IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
    Input HDMI、DVI、DP、SDI、AV、VGA etc.


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